World No-Tobacco Day
從愛出發  自利利他
Love as the foundation
Benefit self and others
His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Tinle Lhundup Pointed Out That Quitting Smoking Is A Way to Practice Dharma in Everyday life.

2016年世界無煙日(2016 World No-Tobacco Day)  
日期 : 531 Date: May 31
簡介 : 世界衛生組織(WHO)於西元1987年創建了「世界無煙日」,自1989年起將每年的531日訂為「世界無煙日」。世界無煙日的意義是宣揚不吸煙的理念。而每年皆會有一個中心主題,表示一個在該年在關於煙草和不吸煙方面特別值得關注的話題。世界各地都會為響應而在當日舉辦不同類型的宣傳活動。
Introduction: The World Health Organization (WHO) established the World No-Tobacco Day in 1987. Since 1989, the World No-Tobacco Day has been observed annually on May 31, with the intention to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe. Each year, a theme is chosen reflecting a highly discussed topic of the current year on tobacco abstinence. Countries around the world hold events on May 31 to advocate for a world without tobacco use.
The following is a summary of His Holiness’s teaching:

五月三十一日是世界無煙日,也就是聯合國衛生組織從1988年開始推行很多年的紀念日。從科學角度來看的話,吸煙會帶來很多病所以每年有五百萬人因為吸煙而死亡。根據世界衛生組織的報導 ,一根煙會讓人的生命減少11分鐘為什麼會這樣呢?因為煙裡有很多毒素,據科學家分析,有尼古丁等上千種毒素,所以帶來了很多不同的病。譬如說瘤症、神經系統的病,還有血管疾病、高血壓等,特別是肺病、痛風占了全部的10.8%。所以吸煙讓人類的健康受到很大的損害。
May 31 is the World No-Tobacco Day, which has been established and promoted by the WHO since 1988. From a scientific perspective, tobacco use brings a lot of harm to our body. In fact, about 5 million people are killed each year as a result of smoking. According to a report written by WHO, even just smoking a single cigarette, a person’s life will be 11 minutes shorter. How so? Because toxic ingredients contained in tobacco, such as nicotine and many others, jeopardize our physical health. Cancer, pulmonary diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, neurologic conditions, and arteriosclerosis can result through the use of tobacco. In particular, lung disease, gout accounted for 10.8% of all. In summary, tobacco use has a detrimental impact on our health.

We have to take care of our own health, isn’t it? But this is not enough.  Taking care of others’ health is equally important. This is why we should not smoke in public. For example, when you smoke next to a pregnant woman, she inhales the smoke and her baby will be negatively impacted. We should not narrow-mindedly focus on our own health. Instead, we need to include others’ health into our consideration.

This is especially true for a Dharma practitioner. According to the Dharma, we need to cultivate compassion and refrain from killing. To some extend, smoking is an action of killing. Therefore, we must not smoke in public. Doing so protects your own health. From a Buddhist perspective, a scripture documenting Buddha Shakyamuni’s teaching on ethical conduct also addresses this issue. It says that smoking brings numerous obstacles to one’s life. For example, smoking is a cause for poverty for both this and the next lifetimes. In addition, smoking not only jeopardizes human beings’ health, it also kills other animals. Many aspects are impacted by smoking.
Padmasambava also taught about negative impacts of tobacco use. He said that once you inhale this poisonous smoke, you can no longer chant his mantra Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung. He emphasized that one cannot chant his mantra anymore after smoking. Not only him, Lord Atisha also bestowed a similar teaching. He said that even chanting Om Mani Padme Hung 100 million times cannot purify the negative obstacles caused by smoking. Therefore, smoking results in tremendous negative consequences. It hurts our body, health, and environment. Its negative impact goes beyond human beings and affects other gods. Your smoking actually impacts the well-being of many gods, such as local gods and Nagas. Your Dharma protector will distance from your too. The smoke produced by tobacco travels. For all of the above reasons, we need to be very cautious.

So, we have to quit smoking. How can we advance our Dharma practice while smoking? Right? In order to reach enlightenment, we need to stop mentally clinging to anything. But if you cannot even quit smoking, how can you reach enlightenment? You can’t. Quitting smoking is the first step. Then you can make other changes and eventually reach Buddhahood. Otherwise reaching enlightenment will no longer be an option for you.